Covid-19 Policy

Vital Skin Spa will open to the public May 16

I am so excited to finally open back up! My goal is always to provide a relaxing, comfortable experience in the safest and healthiest way possible. With that said, please read some of the new rules and regulations listed below. 

I will be wearing a mask at all times and ask that you please show up to your appointment with your mask on as well. You can remove it once you have laid down and are ready for your service. If you're receiving a body wax, please continue keeping it on for the remainder of your appointment. 

Text me when you arrive (515-329-0330) and I will let you know when I'm ready for you to come in. This is to insure there is only one person coming in/out at a time.

Only bring in essential items (keys, phone, wallet/purse, etc.)

Please do not bring anyone else with you unless you have a dependent that is getting a service done.

Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer that I will have provided as soon as you arrive. Disinfect spray and/or wipes will also be provided if you wish to use them.  

I will be putting on a new pair of (non latex) gloves for every service and removing them immediately after.  

Please limit conversations once you are laying down without your mask. Just relax and enjoy! :) 

Steamers will not be able to be used during this time. I will replace that part of the service with steamed towels instead.  

There will not be a blanket on the bed for your use anymore. I will still have sheets and wraps that are washed and replaced between every service, per usual. Bed warmer can be turned on if you get chilly.  

The same disposable table paper I use on my bed for waxing services will also be placed on the seating chair for you to sit on or place clothing and essential items on.  

I will be scheduling appointments 30 minutes apart to have enough time to thoroughly disinfect any and all touching items including door knobs, iPad, sink, ALL products, and other common things.  

Things that will no longer be used in facials: bowls, brushes, cloth masks, facial rollers, eye masks, neck pillows, etc. Tools such as tweezers and extractors will be sterilized. Machines such as the hydrafacial and microdermabrasion, have disposable tips that are thrown away after every use. 

Peel and stick plastic wrap will be applied over LED light therapy machines and disposed after each use. 

I will still be accepting credit cards, but if you’re more comfortable not touching the iPad, I will gladly accept cash, Venmo, or PayPal.  

Obviously if you or someone you are close to is feeling sick, has a fever, or experiencing symptoms, please STAY HOME! Because of this, I will be waiving all cancellation fees, but please be considerate to reach out if you need to cancel.  

Please know that my main concern is providing a safe and healthy environment for my clients. Getting a facial or wax is a very intimate experience that requires care and guidance during this time. Most of these rules are standard practice and laws, with now a few temporary changes made. These changes will not make your experience worse, but hopefully better knowing the safety I am carefully providing. Thank you for your patience and understanding and if there’s anything else you would like for me to do to make your experience better, please don’t hesitate to let me know.